A Carbon Negative Blockchain

Built to scale the Voluntary Carbon Market and regenerative finance harnessing the power of Web3.

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Fast. Green. Secure.

The Kyoto blockchain is EVM compatible, fast, secure and reliable with low transaction costs.

Build on Kyoto


The Kyoto blockchain is the first blockchain to contribute 25% of each transactional gas fee to offset carbon emissions via reforestation.

Any user, DeFi protocol or business can passively contribute towards fighting climate change, simply by using the Kyoto Network.


The Kyoto blockchain is built from the ground up to maximise the positive impact made by regenerative finance projects.

The Kyoto ecosystem is a force multiplier that accelerates the positive impact made, whilst boosting transactional volume & TVL on the Kyoto Blockchain.


We are committed to scaling global conservation, protecting crucial biodiversity and helping make a difference in the fight against climate change.

We are active in large scale forest protection and reforestation projects. We help reduce green house gas emissions, protect against habitat loss and support developing local economies.

These initiatives are funded by the verification and sale of verified emission reductions (carbon credits) on the Kyoto blockchain.


Blockchain technology can keep a secure and transparent ledger for the whole supply chain involved in the creation and tokenisation of carbon assets.

Mitigating fraud, double counting and creating a more cost effective solution for companies and individuals offsetting in the voluntary carbon market.

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