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How to get started

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How to get started

What is ReFi?

Regenerative Finance (ReFi) is a movement focusing on the power of blockchain and web3 to address climate change, support conservation and biodiversity, and creating a more equitable and sustainable financial system. aims on becoming the first Refi solution to be adopted mainstream

What is a carbon credit and how do they work? 

Carbon credits are a data tool used to measure our carbon emissions. Each carbon credit is supposed to represent 1000kg of emissions. Companies can purchase carbon credits to offset damages caused by business operations.

How can such high APY be sustainable? 

We sustain the APY of our token distribution genesis phase through hardwired taxes and external revenues.

Do you plan on burning any tokens? 

Yes, we  plan on burning 15% in the first month of trading. Our burn wallet will grow with rebase rewards which counteracts the inflationary supply. As well as this there are hard coded taxes that burn 3% every purchase and 3% every sale.

What makes different to other rebase projects? (Titano, Safuu, Libero). 

We have upgraded the popular rebase contract to use it as a token distribution mechanism to our layer on blockchain. Unlike most rebase projects we start with the end in mind. has immediate utility, pre launch partnerships and a vision to deliver it’s own layer one blockchain.

Why is all this important? How will you be able to effect any climate change?

Carbon emissions are the largest contributor to climate change. Every year we are producing more and more emissions that damage the protective atmosphere which keeps us alive. We help combat this by making it passively profitable to generate certified carbon offset credits. By making it profitable to do well, will propel a new wave of clean projects investment, - reducing carbon emissions globally.

Was there any private sale? Are team tokens vested? 

Kyoto Tokens received no private sale and are launched via a fair launch mechanism. Team tokens are locked until our layer one blockchain migration ensuring no selling pressure within the first year.

How can I offset with 

Offsetting your carbon emissions with is very simple. Simple come onto our website or partnered marketplaces and purchase offset (or carbon credits) with your bank card or cryptocurrency. This service will be live three months after our fair launch.