Join our waiting list competition for the Kyoto Blockchain - A carbon negative blockchain built to scale the Volutary Carbon Market and Regenerative Finance.

Win up to 1000 BUSD.

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The waiting list competition invites people to sign up for the waiting list for a chance to receive a referral code/link to share with their network. Every person who signs up using the referral code/link will increase the referrer’s position on the waiting list, increasing their chances of winning up-to 1000 BUSD. Please note that your position is not permanent and you may move down the waiting list. To maintain or improve your position, it is necessary to keep referring people and actively participate in the competition leaderboard.

1 Sign Up to Our Waiting List

2 Receive Unique Referral Code/Link

3 Refer More People, Climb the Ladder

4 Top the Ladders to Earn Rewards

The competition has four reward tiers for top referrers, offering exclusive merchandise and early access to the platform. The goal is to revolutionize the world of decentralized technology with Kyoto Blockchain, and everyone is invited to join the waiting list competition to spread the word.

Waiting Tier List

Our Waiting List Competition has four reward tiers for the top referrers based on the leaderboard of successful referrals.

Tier 1

Position 1 on the waiting list receives:

  • • 1000 BUSD + Kyoto Hoodie (worth 80 BUSD)

Tier 2

Waiting list position 2-10 receive:

  • • 200 BUSD + Kyoto Hoodie (worth 80 BUSD)

Tier 3

Waiting list position 11-50 receive:

  • • 100 BUSD

Tier 4

Waiting list position 51-1000 receive:

  • • 10 BUSD
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